2018-11-11 The Heart Sutra 반야심경

“우린 아주 오랫동안 이곳에 있었어. 한몸으로.
네가 내 피를 마시고, 나는 너를 불태우고,
우리는 녹아서 함께 흘러가고, 구름이 되어 하늘을 떠돌았지.
We’ve been here a long long time, coming from one root.
You drinking my blood, me burning up your flesh,
we were melt and ran into the ocean and, became clouds and floated in the sky. Like, a myriad of times. Remember?”

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#kitten_lucy #TheHeartSutra #반야심경
#drawing #procreate – Inspired by the illustrations of Natalie Rukavishnikova.